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Educating Virginia employee notaries makes them aware of responsibilities and liabilities.

What is the Liability of a Virginia Notary's Employer?


  • May be civilly or criminally liable for certain acts.

  • May be liable for damages caused by the notary's official misconduct if
    the misconduct was performed as part of the notary's employment and employer knew about  the misconduct, or should have known about it.

  • Any employer who encourages, threatens, or otherwise intentionally causes an employee to violate notary laws may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Many employers require education for their Virginia Employee Notaries.  Since Virginia is a "self-certifying" state and training is not a requirement to become a notary, most notaries do not fully understand the scope of their responsibilities as a Virginia Notary Public.

Notary Education is critical in order to perform Virginia notarizations in accordance with current Notary Law.
Do you have a Notary Policy for your employee notaries? 


Group classes are available for your Virginia employee notaries.

Contact Bryce Hall, Notary Instructor. 

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