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06/19/24 Notary Basics - 3PM - 4:45PM
Registration deadline: 06/19/24 @ 12PM
Notary Basics for Traditional Virginia Notaries is a LIVE interactive, instructor-led virtual class on the training program. You will receive a separate email from Bryce Hall, Notary Instructor, with your class login & print instructions.

06/19/24 @ 3PM - Notary Basics LIVE

  • Under Note From Buyer: 
    Please tell us the following registration information:

    1. The name you want on your Certificate of Completion
    2. Are you a new or seasoned Virginia notary?
    3. Are you an employee or independent notary?
    4. Contact phone number?
    5. Email address that you prefer to use?
    6. How did you hear about our classes?

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